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Coaching for Women

Any of these Sound Familiar?

Connection to Self

You have worked so hard to provide for your family and are completely disconnected from yourself. In fact, you are worried you missed out on life. You have no idea who you are anymore.

Meaningful Work

You have a successful career but your work doesn't bring you the excitement it used too. You are often bored or even frustrated at fighting for the same thing all the time.

Desire & Passion

Desire seems to be only found after a couple glasses of wine and after the chores are done.  You are disconnected from your desire, your sensuality and have a hard time imagining what it means to own be your own pleasure palace.  

No Authenticity

You just don't know who you are or where to start looking. You feel like you can't trust yourself.  You are also afraid you are going to lose all that you built. What does it mean to completely change gears?

What Trauma?

You don't want to look at it, acknowledge nevermind root around in it. You would rather just power through it. But you know.  You know its the root of so many things you want to change. How do I change without exposing wounds?

A lone, lonely, loner

You are surrounded by people but often feel truly alone? You feel alone in the turmoil of your own making. You put on the power clothes and your makeup everyday and would be ok with that if it meant something to you!

Online Sessions

Our sessions are online and can be scheduled early or later in the day if required. Walking sessions available for local clients

Program Discounts

Programs are available that can help you plan and schedule your work along with program discounts to get the most out of your time.


I will hold you accountable and empower you to create curiosity past what has been boxed up inside you for too damn long!

Truth Reports

No bullshit kinda truth saying goes on in our time together. Let's honour where you desire to be and keep learning!

Why Me?
  • I have over 20 years of leadership experience. So I understand the importance of balancing stakeholder expectations and making the best decisions for the business.

  • I spent 20 years negotiating with some of the largest organizations in the world. So I can tell when you are avoiding my questions, when you want to give me the answer I want to hear or when you think you can just say something so we move on.

  • I rely heavily on constructive feedback, takeaways and reflection.  Our goal should be agency, accountability and curiosity.

  • I am a feminine and masculine. I understand the balance of these traits that need to exist inside you so that you can be valued in both your career and your private life.

  • Exploring your passions and your desire in brave ways that connect you back into yourself.

We can walk away if
  • You are sending me money but not showing up fully.

  • You don't do the reflection work.

  • I am not meeting your needs.

  • I know someone who could help you better than I can.

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