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Pleasure Rebellion

14 days of teeth sinking curiosities


Your Pleasure Palace

Sign up below and you will receive a short simple email every day that reminds you of how pleasure could ripple through your day. Stories, Journal Prompts, Dares, Dances and exploits abound.  This will be the beginnings of a beautiful Pleasure Palace built just for you!

Creative Experiences

Engage is activities that help you generate a deeper understanding of the beauty that exists when we let it flow.  Understand the connection between your body and your imagination.  Seek out how creativity can connect these two centres in delicious and meaningful ways.

Image by Shane

Truth or Dare?

Big truths or small dares that you can add into your day that test some of your limiting beliefs about what is possible and what you are capable of.

When you are done, be an inspiration to others just starting this journey!

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