"There are two forms of courage in this world. One demands that we jump into action with our armor on. The other demands that we strip ourselves bare-naked and surrender. Bravery is a curious thing."

~Jeff Brown, Soulshaping.~

We are beginning our next round of RNR in April 2022.  We are inviting 8 trailblazers to join us in cultivating a better understanding of who we are, how to integrate that learning into your current self and bring this convergence together to being the first steps to ignite our days in meaningful ways.

This is our foundational program for a reason. Change never ends. This program is about developing a skillset that empowers you to sit with some of the hard things in our lives. To cultivate your femininity and masculinity to come together and feed your purpose everyday. To face off with some of our false beliefs so that we can uncover what parts of you have been using all of your energy to protect you.  We want to retreat into your juicy bits and bring them into your life everyday.

This work is hard to do alone and without ever having too! But something in you has shifted and ignoring it, or using it as an excuse is no longer an option.

What I can promise you:

  • you are worth finding

  • you are courageous

  • you will feel lost at times

  • that this program may not be right for you

  • that we will be rattling the skeleton cages

  • that we will discover so many beautiful things

  • that we are always here

  • you will be celebrated

What this program is not:

  • a one and done

  • a solution to all that you are carrying

  • done alone

  • the same for everyone


We are coming together to create something that only exists because of humans that join us. We provide you with the space to feel brave, creative and collaborative. We respect the need for reflection and integration at times when it is harder than we hoped.

It is on bended knee, that we honour you, the alchemy of what this group collectively creates and the journey you are beginning.


Knowing that everyone is so unique, we believe it is important to ensure that this program is right for you.  To that end, we have an application process, a short interview and some pre-work.

Shall we?


  • The total fees for this program is $1150 if paying in full in advance.

  • Split payments are available at $600.  Two equal payments required.

  • We do have contracts that all participants must agree and sign before coming into this program.

  • One on one Coaching is available at a discount to participants.

  • You will need to be zoom ready and willing to participate in an online community.

  • In person events are incorporated for those in the GTA.

  • All are welcome

Practicing self compassion helps us live with courage. We become less afraid of failure, less attached to good and bad and more aligned with all of us just being. We can journey into, around and through hard experiences, cultivate new meaning and learn how we can carry these meaningful truths in our lives.

~Sarah Hines~

Image by Annie Spratt


We are converging together to apprentice in our own converging for 6 weeks.

April 2022

Image by Annie Spratt