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Grief Care for Men Embracing Recovery

Grief Care for Men Embracing Recovery is a specialized program offering tailored support to men navigating the complexities of grief while on the journey of recovery from addiction. Our approach recognizes and addresses the unique challenges men face in processing grief during this critical period of rebuilding their lives.

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Having a place to speak openly about the grief and loss in your life and acknowledging the ways that it has affected your life gives you a place to put it all down for a while.



Understand the way grief and loss experiences rippled through your life and what your coping mechanisms helps and also hindered your growth. Learn how to take hold of the moments of truth and find healthier ways of resolving your emotions.

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Through multiple tools we will identify where your current emotional energy is being focused and craft these emotional experiences into action statements.



With your new emotional action statements we craft a Statement of Resolution and together we verbalize our emotional truths then spend time finding practical ways of integrating this new found skill set into your path of recovery.

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This program is a certified program trademarked by Edu-Therapy™ Solutions Inc. This program focuses on Grief Resolution and provides a unique experience which encompasses the principals and techniques of Edu-Therapy™, a Cognitive Behavioral Process to Grief Resolution. 

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