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The Trust Project

There are three elements that we weave through The Trust Project each of these offering a beautiful experience of acknowledgement, unravelling and integrating.


With curiosity and wonderment we explore, honour and connect to all the dimensions of who you are. We connect to these parts and develop a trusting system that honours all of who you are. We take multiple approaches to this work but use Internal Family Systems as our Foundation for this work.


Desire Exploration

An exploration into what desire is for you and have to cultivate your trust in it through connection and self experiences. We integrate different exploration projects that are safe and personalized so that you can discover what desire and pleasure are for you. We incorporate movement, rituals, ceremonies and exploration projects for this work.


Trust Integration

Now that we have an understanding of what we want to cultivate and how all the different dimensions of us play a role, we develop a practice in which we can continue to foster trust, confidence and pleasure. We learn how best to integrate this new found passion and purpose. The foundation of the work is rooted in emotional actioning.

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