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There are so many questions that I get asked about these services, that an introduction to a few of the main explorations may help you determine whether this work is a good fit for you or your family?

What is your formal training?

Formally, I have multiple certifications in multiple modalities that make this a unique experience. A formal and complete list can be found here, I would suggest that a quick chat could help us determine if I am the right fit for you or if I can refer you to someone better suited.


How much of your work is split between men and women?

I thoroughly enjoy working with all genders and all genders are welcome. My clientele certainly shifts depending on the work I am focusing on. Those that identify as male typically engage with my end of life and the rites of passage work.  Those that identify as women tend to engage in my grief and pleasure work.  There is also a beautiful segment of my clientele that ebbs and flows in personal ways through all of my areas of work.


Do you have a formal Privacy Policy?

Absolutely. Both individual and group services have formal agreements.  These can be found here:

Privacy Policy

The Community of Practice Agreement


How do you ensure psychological and physical safety in your one on one retreats?

There is a significant pre-retreat process that ensures there is mutual consent and understanding before we head into retreat space.  I also encourage a two- way, home base check daily as well. Additionally, with any of our services, we encourage open discussion and even disconnection should elements of our engagement drive you this point.  I do want to make it perfectly clear however, that this work demands uncomfortable conversations but encourages open and brave discussions.


There are so many questions that I get asked about these services, that an introduction to a few of the main explorations may help you determine whether this work is a good fit for you or your family?

Creative Explorations sound like a good place to start - can you tell me about the process?

This program is geared towards those who are nearing end of life and would like to better understand what they are leaving behind.  It is typically a series of interviews of those closest to you. I ask a series of specific questions that will gives us a holistic picture of your impact on their life.  After these interviews have been curated, together we determine our action forward. This could be letter writing, a parting party or even the crafting of gifts. Many also use this creative exploration for assistance in writing their eulogy or obituary.  


Rite of Passage could be really anything - do you focus on particular transformations?

This often a service my masculine forward clients engage in but is not focused on any particular transformation. Rites of Passage often comes into my work by way of significant loss or change.  Many of the men I serve arrive to my gates having experienced a death, divorce, addiction, trauma or a significant loss of self.  


The Group Support Programs - what do we do exactly?

These groups are formed to integrate group discussions and physical activity as an outlet for the emotional energy.  A good example agenda includes: a shared circle of intent, a discussion about the disconnect between masculinity and our culture, a boxing lesson, and lastly a daily awareness commitment.


Can you explain what you mean by Legacy?

There are different ways in which we leave a legacy. Financially is probably the most common concern but we also leave an emotional legacy behind.  After spending years at the bedside of the dying, their biggest regrets are not being intentional about their emotional legacy. 

And don't get it twisted, we ultimately do not have control over what others think, but we can certainly settle into an intentionality around it.  Whether it is severed relationship with others or parts of ourselves that we chose to ignore, we need to resolve our connection to it and move forward honouring what will exist because of us.

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