Telling Your Story

celebrating your edges

The Senuous Storytelling Lodge

when a mix of words are so provactive, we have a hard time speaking them, you know you are onto something good

We are lovers of juicy deep stories of anticipation, empowerment, sensuality, desire, exploration and we are done only reading these words in the dark.  Write your own fantasy, your own pleasure story and tell it to a small group of women who are longing to hear it and celebrate it.

Yes, dear juicy one, we have rules to keep you safe, we have specific guards at our gates but once inside, you are asked to throw your heavy protective layers to the side and celebrate all that you are. We are coming together to empower you to be who you are experimenting with being, to show us what lies behind the darkness of "shoulds" and "should nots."

Your stories can be yours (please), they can be poems, or excerpts from something that gets you everytime.  The play on words, the way they roll on your tongue,  the connection into your exploding power.  We are here to witness, to celebrate and to share in the glory of all of that.

Care to join our celebration of womanhood?  Interested in learning more?  Join us here and we will ensure your worries dissolve, your heart is held and that you, in all of your deliciousness, are witnessed

do not choose the lesser life.

do you hear me.

do you hear me.

choose the life that is. yours.

the life that is seducing your lungs.

that is dripping down your chin.

Nayyirah Waheed

Image by Kunal Shinde
Image by Jesús Boscán
Image by Cristina Gallego
Image by Romina Farías
Image by Monika Kozub
Image by Carolina Heza
Sunrise on Nature