My Approach & Testimonials

What you are getting yourself into!

I often think about the courage it takes to reach out to a stranger and to prepare to speak words to them that we have a hard time even saying to ourself.  I applaud your courage and bravery to be here now contemplating this journey. My style doesn't change much whether I'm coaching women or men.  I do rely on different modalities with a foundation of Internal Family Systems Therapy.  

My Coach Approach:

  • I weave through stories and find big things.

  • I can see through your diversion tactics

  • I keep you accountable.

  • I never promise that this will be easy or safe.

  • I do promise deliciously fun homework

  • I promote beautiful bravery

  • I sink into the darker depths and hold it with the honour it deserves.

  • I am not afraid to tell you the truth.

Some describe me as the punch in the face they have always needed.  Here are some of the other things my glorious clients say:

"You were there even when I didn't know I needed you there"

"You are real, raw and open"

"You don't answer all my questions for me. And while that originally pissed me off - I am so grateful for it now."

"Your nudges are subtle and then they are not... lol"

"You express exactly what I am feeling"

"Relatable - which is huge given the depths in which we have explored."

"funny and holy sploosh!"

"Down to earth and I feel you are with me"

"You know more about me than me...and you love me anyway."

GOD - I love that damn list of people!  On bended knee for these men and women... thank you. 

do not choose the lesser life.

do you hear me.

do you hear me.

choose the life that is. yours.

the life that is seducing your lungs.

that is dripping down your chin.

Nayyirah Waheed

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