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I am dedicated to the profound experience of honouring what was, what is and what will forever be for all of those that follow. And it is my mission to alchemize life's burdens into the heirlooms that we leave in our wake.

Sarah Hines

For over two decades, I have devoted myself to guiding individuals through rites of passage. My journey began with those at end of life and continued on in both personal transformation clientele and in the corporate world. After years of executive leadership growth, I chose to follow a deeper calling and immersed myself in the sacred realms of community deathcare, grief support and the intricate intersections grief, connection, pleasure and legacy. 

My journey is honoured through my deep commitment to walking beside you through life's most profound passages. I dedicate myself to mentoring and guiding you through the transformation from grief, across a meaningful threshold and into the the intentional cultivation of your legacy. Each path we explore together is a unique journey of discovery, activation, transformation, and integration.

In my years of practice, I have witnessed the transformative power of embracing grief through the reclamation of pleasure and deeply admired the courage it takes to part from our burdens. Whether you are actively cultivating legacy at the end of life, engaging in rites of passage retreats, or diving into the exploration of grief and pleasure, my approach integrates diverse modalities, including somatic movement, artistic cultivation, and mental nourishment.

My guidance and mentorship practice goes beyond dialogue—it's about creating meaningful experiences that facilitate reckoning and renewal. It's about honoring your past, embracing your present, and shaping a future that reflects your deepest values and aspirations.

At the heart of my work is the cultivation of a brave space where you can freely explore your emotions, confront difficult truths, and discover the resilience that emerges from facing life's challenges head-on.

If you are ready to embark on a journey of emotional bravery and exploration, to reclaim connection through a transformational experience, I invite you to reach in.


Together, we will uncover the profound truths that shape your journey and craft a legacy that honors your path forward.

I look forward to walking alongside you with empathy, wisdom, and unwavering support.

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Trauma forges our might, Grief is our kin, and Pleasure is our remedy. Trust yourself enough to crumble. Embrace the precipice, unravel your fortitude, and let the true splendor settle.

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