About Me

“No more tame language about wild things.” Dr. Martin Shaw

I spent my life always looking forward and always pushing through to the next thing. I was good at it too.  Lots of fancy executive roles, a house in the city, 2 kids and a nice car. 

And while this sounds like hard work that cost me blood, sweat and long nights. This was actually the easy path.

 It was the path of least resistance because let's be honest, looking forward is simple. It's having a hard look at the past that is the hardest part.  

I know now that I left a big part of myself hidden to make it all true.  I chose a path that had me celebrating on the outside and filling a void with more, better, bigger. I chose to control everything. I also chose to replace the word "control" with empowered. Sound familiar?

What did it cost?


So very much that I am still discovering, playing with, celebrating and unleashing. May it always be so.


Perhaps, though, the hardest truth to face was that my decisions did not just effect me. The consequences rippled through every relationship and every decision I have ever made. I left a wake of lived experiences that seeped into those that loved me the most. I used past traumas as shields and then when those started to crack open I used the people I love as shields.


This hard work and strength was all put towards the energies of protecting and controlling instead of using this force for growth and connection. Until I hit an edge I was unable to ignore.

What happens at the edges are probably some of the hardest work we undertake.


Which means, it certainly is the most rewarding. Realizing that we are so full of excuses is probably the first true meaningful step. For many their truth is hidden behind past trauma, unreasonable expectations, society norms and false beliefs. We spend most of our lives hiding behind these hurdles, chasing what everyone else thinks are the right things to chase. 

Choose Pleasure

​So instead of trying to bypass my hurdles, I dropped into myself to welcome it all in. To hear the voices inside that says…it’s all here, you just have to set aside your expectations, beliefs, assumptions and bullshit and just see the truth of who you are.  You need to roll them around your tongue. Dance to your pulse. You need to test them, feel them and spend time with them before you can integrate them into your ways.

“Trust yourself enough to fall apart. Let go of resiliency for a while and walk towards your edges. Throw it all up in the air and let the beautifully true bits land and be tasted and absorbed. Alchemize that and rise.  Rise and learn what it means to walk back from the edge.”

My edge work as led to so many beautiful people and moments. It led me to create a collective grief coaching practice supporting those who couldn't work through the pain anymore, it has allowed me to sit with those that cannot face truths and gently rock them into a deepened understand of their heart.

Walking towards the edges is a path I will always be on. I trust myself to know this is the ritual of an apprenticed life. It is a lifelong commitment where I walk untamed paths in gratitude for what has led me here, for the beauty that has been found there and for the magic that still exists.

Hiding yourself is diminishing.

Self love is a true act of empowerment.

choose pleasure always.

on bended knee