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My Pilgrimage


I have have been on a life journey that many would call out as a strange and unusual punishment of sorts. And frankly, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.


 After a 25-year tenure as a corporate executive, I finally found the courage to flip the table on my corporate life, took a hard right and dove into my passion project.  You see, over that same two decade period, I was doing the deep work of caring for the dying and the grieving.

I had volunteered bedside, studied with global leaders, sat at the feet of elders and ritualized alongside other practitioners. After decades of practice, I launched a coaching business that focused on where I saw and experienced the greatest poverties in our lives. Grief, Pleasure and Legacy. 

And it wasn't until 2019, was I able to stand on a belief that we are not only in deep need of this care but that services personalized to our loss experiences were nowhere to be found.  This in of it's self holds so much grief and sorrow.

Because if we are truly going to build a culture that embraces all that humanity has to offer, we are excluding some of the most important parts of what makes us human.  We have lost our way inside of what masculinity and femininity are. How are we suppose to grow and expand in a world that shames and isolations the nature of who we are?

It is the profound bravery and courage of those who are looking to carve out an emotional place for themselves in this world that has propelled my work into what it is today.

So bringing this unusual perspective of grief into a framework of developing emotional legacy really isn't for the light hearted. It means I see the underbelly of what we have forsaken. It means I sit with your anger, rage, and your politically incorrectness and together we carve out what happened to make those emotions burst out from the dusty corner.  And, together we cultivate the truths behind it all and integrate those into what your legacy will be.

Because let's be honest - people don't remember the $10K you left them. They remember how you shaped them, how you showed up.

This is only possible if we can courageously confronted your losses and unlock the floodgate of revelations. And while it requires the veracious power of courage, it also requires your vulnerability, your willingness and your tenacity. 

This work cannot be done only through talking it out. We need to embrace the whole person and that often means we need to be actively doing something while we do the work. We need to give it somewhere to go.  We need to practice. 

When I am asked what my goal is I often respond with this: "I guide the development of a relationship with grief so that we can live an emotional legacy they are passionate about."


This is not easy work (and to some it's still strange and unusual) but it is the work that I see as the most important. It is informed by multiple modalities that you can find in the attached training and certification attachment.


But, in my estimation, the most important part of this work is developing a trust deserved of hard conversations, cultivating a space that is worthy of falling apart in,   and by empowering you to live your legacy today. 

Trauma forges our might, Grief is our kin, and Pleasure is our remedy. Trust yourself enough to crumble. Embrace the precipice, unravel your fortitude, and let the true splendor settle.


  • 25 years in Executive Roles 

  • 15 years of Coaching and Consulting

  • Edu-Therapy Certified Practitioner & Trainer

  • Internal Family Systems Informed Certification

  • Integrative Somatic Parts Certification

  • Relationship & Intimacy Certification

  • Movement for Trauma Therapy Training

  • Trauma-Informed Practice Certification

  • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

  • Death Doula Accreditation

  • Certified Celebrant & Ceremony Practitioner

  • Mental Health First Aid Certified

  • Palliative Care and Home Hospice Trained

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