You may not be able to say it outloud but you can still tell someone.

Give Us Your Story

"It is impossible to desire something without also fearing it a bit, and it's impossible to fear and dislike something without also desiring it."
~Existential Kink by Carolyn Elliott, PhD~

Many of us hold on to stories that truly just need to be released into the air.  They need somewhere to go. We love to hear stories and so do many of our subscribers. Part of the beauty of sharing your stories with us is that they remain anonymous.  They can get the air you need to release and be the air someone needs to breathe in.

We read each one, we reach back with an note of support and we collect stories from willing participants and share them with our subscribers.  Join us in celebrating anger, passion, sadness, celebrations, sensuality, grief, intimacy, discovery, rage and numbness. We are here and you belong to us.

We are honoured to read your story and will reach back out shortly.

"The pleasure you find behind your hard truths is where your tangled but glorious beauty exists..."