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Igniting and Celebrating Juicy Middles


Celebrating Truths

They are stuck just behind the excuses...

How can we set aside who we think we should be and just feel who we are?  How can we finally honour all that lives in us. Keeping it silent is not serving you or women around this grand earth.

It's time to howl out your truths. It's time to have those truths be witnessed and celebrated!  Let's dance around the burning flames of all your expectations, blame and shame. 


Dance and howl and laugh and cry out for a life filled with sensuality, femininity, masculinity and empower all the ways it shows up for you. Let's find those cast away gems and remember yourself home.

Renew a commitment to your full self.  To honour all the wounds, scars and rawness and stand strong in the beautiful conviction of who you are today.  

Live with pleasure, purpose, passion.


Change often feels big because it's unknown. This is a beautiful inward journey to discovery.

Find your senses, knowing, genius or power (your life your word), find the core of who you are. It can be larger than life or soft like the whisper of a feather.

Together we build spaciousness for all of you. For what you are carrying and for all the beauty you can cultivate and integrate into yourself. What do we need to put down and what do we need to nourish?

You are everything you need to be if only you would trust yourself enough to see it. Letting go of control is hard.

You belong.

So does your story.



To be witnessed and celebrated

We are apprentices of our own beautiful and meaningful life and so often, we are expected to do this work alone. This work and the commitment to it is best nurtured and celebrated in community.


Journeys and Explorations need to be shared. The Alchemy Lodge is where we come together and share our journey, hear our fears and lamentations, sense all of who you are amongst others doing exactly the same thing. It is what keeps us connected. 


It holds us in the rougher times and deepens the rich experience of being heard and witnessed.


Welcoming Ourselves Home

Now that we had spoken the truth of our story, we will begin travelling the rough road towards our juicy middle. Connecting back to self and reclaiming parts that have grown tired of calling us. You will begin to invite your inner juiciness back into your body, your mind and your heart. Trust that living with desire and sensuality at the core is an empowering and delicous path forward.



-Passion & Desire Exploration

-Deep Connectivity

Our journey to the juicy middle is a road filled with creative expression, passion and emotions.  We spend time connecting to ourself and nourishing these long lost parts.

Image by Milan Popovic


Cultivating You

We are going to spend some time with your judgement and your shame.  We are going to get to know them so well that they let us past their gates to see just what they are hiding.  We do this through multiple gateways including

-Creative Thinking


-Visual Arts

-Action Plans

This foundation sets you up to journey through the remainder of days acknowledging your own self, your false beliefs and helps you disperse any doubts of what you are "supposed" to do.

There is a beautiful thing inside you

that is thousands of years old.

Too old to be captured in poems.

Too old to be loved by everyone

But loved so very deeply

by a chosen few.

Old Souls

Nikita Gill