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Fractional VP Sales


Expert Fractional Sales Leadership for businesses seeking start-up sales development and strategic guidance. Sarah delivers personalized engagments, leveraging proven methodologies and industry insights to help you drive revenue and develop winning strategies. 


empowering impactful change

Sales Consultant


Helping you scale from start-up to a 50 person organization, Sarah helps you determine the most impactful opportunities and assists you in building the plan to see signatures on contracts.

Sales Coach for Start Ups


Building a Sales Team and Process is absolutely key to building momentum early. With 25 years of sales and partnership experience, Sarah connects you with key opportunities early and builds sustainable processes to accelerate your launch.

Sales for Start Ups


Developing your customer journey from your website through to contract cancellation. Knowing how best to create impactful moments and learn from your clients that move on. We will create the sales stories that your customers will align with best.

Introduce Art to your  Science


I may be one of the few that thoroughly enjoys the thrill of the sales hunt and I have been enjoying it for over 25 years. 


My focus has always been about developing and educating the market on the newest game changing software. From photo editing software when digital cameras launch to CD burning software before Napster became mainstream, to voice recognition software before Siri (I have a story there for you one day) - it has been clear, that sales is my life blood. 


And there really is one reason behind all the hoopla.  I love seeing people achieve on the outside, what is on the inside. I loved seeing beautiful pictures of grandparents gifts to grandchildren, hearing mixed CD's replace the lovers mixed tape and the astronomical change voice recognition made in the accessibility market.

Sarah Hines Sales Coach

It also meant that I got to work with people that were just as passionate as I was. Hiring high performing sales teams who also loved the energy of new, the impact their products make and then seeign them thrive - well come now - who wouldn't race out of bed every morning. 

But we both know that there is a dark side to all of this amazingness, there is the sales losses, the missed targets, the bad presentation.  Well. you can say, I have seen my fair share of those too.  I've learned a thing or two over the course of my time and I want you to be able to avoid some of those sales learning curves. Because as much as the internet will tell you the science of the sale - there really is no other way to find the art in the sale except experience.


  • 25 years of SaaS Start Up Sales Experience

  • 5 years in Founder Role

  • 3 years of Executive Mental Health Coaching 

  • Customer Experience and Story Mapping

  • Deal Negotiation over $2.5M in annual revenue

  • Partnership Program Development (annually $5M)

  • Team Leadership: Sales, Marketing, Customer Success

  • RFI/RFP Response Optimization

  • Market Education/Early Adopter Sales Strategy

Board Advisory

  • The Forum - Entrepreneur Coach

  • National Home Funeral Alliance - Education Advisor

  • Customer Service Professional Network - Advisor

  • Customer Experience Network Association - Committee

"I love the way you cut through my shit and impact change in one simple sentence."


2019 - present

Sarah Hines Consulting

I support start up organizations develop a sales strategy that aligns their mission to their customer needs by:

  • Optimizing their goals, mission and target markets

  • Consulting on Sales Pitches and Collateral

  • Develop a Customer Experience Journey from Marketing through Finance

  • Partnership Program Development

  • Online Community Growth

  • Fractional VP of Sales

2018 - 2019

VP, Sales
Starling Minds

Starling Minds is a digital mental health organization that support nurses and teachers with evidence based therapies. 

  • Created a funnel from 0 to $4M in 8 months

  • Developed and scaled a customized sales process

  • Hired and coached a remote sales team of 3

  • Developed new markets and marketing collateral

  • Clients included: Insurance Boards, Unions, EAP Providers, etc.

2012 - 2018

Director of Sales and Alliances

Responsetek is a Customer Experience Management Solution for large enterprise organizations.

  • Closed the largest company deal resulting in $2.4M in recurring revenue.

  • Developed and lead Partnership Programs with Market Research Firms for North America.

  • Managed the Toronto Office Location with 15 employees.

  • Broke into Quebec Market with a long term partnership

  • Clients included: Telecommunication, Financial Institutions, Loyalty Brands, Market Researchers.

2004 - 2012

Account Manager, North America
Nuance Communications

Nuance was the innovators of Speech Recognition Software. I led in  multiple roles with Nuance including the development of their Canadian Market and their online 3rd party distribution.

  • Developed a Successful Business in the Canadian Market

  • Continuous over achievement of quota ranging from 103% to 120%

  • Developed relationship with Apple that resulted in a large partnership (NDA)

  • Grew Amazon's Business 150% YoY

  • Developed Canadian Business that resulted in annual growth of 50% YoY.


Toronto, ON


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