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It is the deep trust you have for yourself that empowers you to discover the path forward, to create intentionality and to have the fortitude to accept change. This is how we (re)member ourselves. This is where we belong.


But sometimes the pathway is overgrown and the bridge is broken. Sometimes you have lost the skill to navigate and often this leads to doubt, insecurity and in some cases, depression. We don't remember who we are. We cannot connect to our trust centre. 


Building a relationship with yourself is not about reaching a specific outcome, it is about reuniting with our trust centre. It's about finding that core of empowerment that leads a new way of being whole in decision making.

Together we discover and reacquaint you with a set of skills you forgot you had.

We rebuild your trust centre.

I have spent the last 25 years helping people through difficult experiences like grief, divorce, and trauma. One thing continues to be true across all types of struggle.  It is impossible to journey alone.

My approach has been developed through multiple modalities because every journey is different. And your journey needs to be unique to you. There isn't a course that can help you quickly or a program that sticks forever. I use an Internal Family Systems approach so that you can lead from your trust centre rather than you allowing your harsh experiences to dictate all aspects of your life.


You can journey forward, you can carry hard things and you can lead with trust again.

I've tried alot of things, but this...come on! You are a magic woman!

Janice Wood

I have never felt this confident in my next steps forward. I am so glad I found you!


You have this way of really getting to the core in meaningful ways without me having to relive anything.


All I'm going to say is "holy shit, that was worth every penny and a million more."

Brian Grenweld

A quick check to see if I'm for you?

  • I swear perhaps too much.

  • I will call you on your own bullshit

  • You do not have to relive the trauma to heal 

  • I have spent 20 years leading teams in executive roles.

  • I coach to provide self help skills.

  • I am creative who needs a visual experiences

  • Most engagements last 6 - 12 sessions.

  • I hate being late and celery.

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