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Finding Sensual Ground

As I researched what other coaches offered and what other programs were out in the pleasure focused world, I found them grounded in two real camps.

Beautifully rich programs in finding feminine activism, pussy power, and sexual exploration. These programs are a true celebration of what it means to be a sexually empowered female and I am so damn grateful they exist.

The other pleasure camp was often body based. They focused on breathwork, on movement, on what has been categorized at embodiment. There is a rich and wonderful community in this space as well that really helps women dive into what it means to get out of your head and into your body.

What I wanted to create is something focused on inviting my clients to explore what sensuality and pleasure and desire mean to them so that they can then stand grounded in a place where they can celebrate their hell out of their exquisite pussies. Where they can stand firmly in the feminine and masculine significance and celebrate that in ways that resonate deeply in the whole of their being.

This Sensual Grounding can only come from truly understanding all the parts that make up your ethos. What does the marrow of your being hold? What is it hiding behind so we can free up this beauty to delicious exploration? How can we being a healing journey based on these truths?

Ah the juicy power of who you are is hidden behind excuses, behind trauma, behind all the reasons you need to make sure you feel safe. Well my sweet one, there is no safety in this expansive always changing world.

So let's dance with those devils that hold you back, lets honour the role in raising you, let's thank them for all ensuring your path is clear and that your journey has been smooth as possible. We shall set a table filled with thick cream and juicy ripe fruit. And when the drum beats the exiles will return.

They will feast upon the riches knowing that the one true self has taken it's place at the throne of your pleasure palace. That they are to be honoured and offered a warm place to belong too.

Come in, sit down and my sweet sweet woman...drink, eat and dance. You belong to us.


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