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From Loss to Legacy

It is hard to imagine that when we experience something that shakes that core of who we are, that it could possibly lead us to finding out truly who we are. I would suggest that not many of us get there unfortunately.

You would recognize the ones that do though. They are the ones that take up some sort of activism. They start charities in honour of those that have experienced their same losses. They ride bicycles across countries for cancer research. They start meet up groups, campaigns, art installations. The list goes on.

It often begins because they have this burning need inside to make things whole. It is rooted in need and is fueled by an energy that cannot be expelled in any other way.

I am sure you have felt that energy before. A need to make it right. A need to do something but nothing calms it. You look for outlets like exercise and adventurous risk taking endeavors. You build something, you take on a new project but still, under the surface there is a hum.

So you sit with a friend and you talk about it. They can hear the passion, the fire, the desperation that vibrates through you and they know you need to do something bigger. They make suggestions "you should write a book". "our government needs to do something about this.", "there has to be others..."

And this is where the engine begins to turn over...finally. It's where you start seeing a pathway to some sort of peace. And you have the energy to fuel it too because god knows staying up and thinking through the minute details of that dreadful day is not helping.

So you start searching, you talk to a few people and before you know it, your being asked to speak somewhere and it feels so damn good to see your pain resonate in the hearts of others. To see that they have an unrelenting need to make it all for something.

And it is in that moment you begin down the path of understanding how you can best serve. What skills, desires, talents do you have that can contribute to making the connection real.

It's not that you are forgetting or that you have found the greater good. It's that you have the fuel, the passion and the deep need to make it all for something. That if one person doesn't have to be only, or if one person can connect to a sense of peace, you have done good work.

This happens for many, but often it results in burnout. Self Leadership helps you sustain this mission in meaningful ways. It helps you understand where the boundaries are and how you can be of service to those around you and also to all of your parts.

  • Boundaries help you stay true to who you are in the process

  • Learning something along the way ensures you don't get bored

  • Develop real connections to others so that when you do get tired, others will carry on.

By understanding who you are, by leading all of the parts of you. You are able to better serve, grow and fuel what feeds you.

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